Artikel komplett operayre
una ópera-tango las exquisitas coreografías de Oscar Araiz

Artikel komplett Clarin
"Guapos y malevos"

Artikel komplett Mundo Clasico
"Electra en forma de tango"

Artikel komplett Ambito Financiero
Vittori, lo mejor de "Orestes"

Artikel komplett La Nacion
Piazzolla y la ópera

lArtikel komplett Pagina/12
“Queremos demostrar que hay que escapar
de los límites artísticos”

Artikel komplett La Nacion
"Una tragedia clásica con ritmo de arrabal"

Artikel komplett La Prensa
"Tragedia clásica con trasfondo de barrio"

articles before the argentine première
Artikel komplett La Nacion
"Orestes", la ópera de los malevos

Artikel komplett Clarin
"Del mito clásico al arrabal"


Het Leidsch Dagblad
...impressive total-theater...the music is fantastic...the choreographies are so expressive that it seems as if one's own eye is not ample enough to see them...the dance is soft, with grace, strongly expressive and hyper-sensual...

De Haagse Courant
the tango is shown here as it should be: impacting and passionate....a top argentine performance

Het Rotterdams Dagblad
Southern passion in "Orestes' last Tango" ...an exciting Tango-Opera...

De Volkskrant
"Orestes' last Tango" carries the heart in its throat ...

Zwolsche Courant
...the dances are full of energy and the musical numbers are true achievements...

De Stem
...the manner in which the crude dance was performed, the dance of surrender, the dance of death, with much unrestraint and artistic strength, conquered the audience, who enjoyed the performance without pause and without rest..

Streekblad Zoetermeer
...compelling Opera Tango about love and violence...

more articles:
Artikel komplett Clarin 10.04.2002 The succes of the Tango Opera in Europa
Artikel komplett La Nacion 30.03.2002 Opera-tango in Holanda

articles before the World Première:
Artikel komplett www.xs4all.nl/~disegno/tango 29.03.2002Opera with value in a scenery of 100 Euro
Artikel komplett NRC Handelsblad 22.03.2002 "the remain of the neighberhod"
Artikel komplett La Nacion 09.03.2001 "Orestes' last Tango" will have his première in the Netherlands
Artikel komplett Ambito Financiero 14.02.2002“Something new: new musical travales to the Netherlands”
Artikel komplett Pagina/12 07.02.2002“translate caracters to music”
Artikel komplett WMTF 10.06.2001 Interview with Beatriz Gambartes and Diego Vila
Artikel komplett WMTF 1.12.2001 Press release
Artikel komplett Clarin 20.08.2001 Dance couple produce "Orestes, último Tango", an ópera ...
Artikel komplett Tiempos del Mundo 02.08.2001 "Orestes, last Tango"...
Artikel komplett La Nacion 16.07.2001 a Opera based on "El reñidero". The opera on the ritme of Buenos Aires "Orestes, último Tango", the second tango opera after Astor Piazzolla.