Beatriz Gambartes  

Regisseuse - Play writer.

Graduated Regisseuse from Instituto Superior de Arte del Teatro Colón in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1985.
Musical and piano studies in the Instituto Superior de Música de la Universidad Nacional de Rosario, Argentina. Advancing in piano with maestro Efraín Paesky and in Perceptive Audio with Dr. Emma Garmendia.
Study of Theatrical Direction with Augusto Fernández, Jaime Kogan, Laura Yusem, Juan Carlos Gené and Valentín Tepliakov.
Drama Workshop with Mauricio Kartún.
As a result of her performance in the Seminar on Opera Regie given by german Regisseur, maestro Peter Mussbach in the Instituto Goethe, she was offered a scholarship by this institution, as the request of maestro Mussbach, to advance her studies in Hamburg and assist different german producers to culminate in an implementation mise en scène in said country. · Invited to be assistant to maestro Peter Mussbach for Mozart´s "Die Entführung aus dem Serail" in Cassel (Germany).
Workshop on implementation of Opera Scenes with German Regisseur Christoff Nell. · Was part of the Taller de Integración de Opera del Instituto Goethe de Buenos Aires.

Teaching Experience
Piano professor in the Conservatorio de Música de Ibagué, Tolima, Colombia. ·
Collaborated with maestro Efraín Paesky in lecturing the Curso Internacional de Capacitación, Actualización y Perfeccionamiento en Técnicas e Interpretación Pianística in Ibagué, Tolima, Colombia sponsored by O.E.A.
Leads the Seminar "Scenery Performance" at the Facultad de Ciencias y Artes Musicales from the Catholic University in Buenos Aires.
Gives the Seminar on Scenery Performance for Lyrics Singers at the Instituto Superior de Arte from Teatro Colón, in Buenos Aires and other cities of Argentina.
Professorship of "Theatrical Performance" at the Instituto Superior de Arte from Teatro Colón in Buenos Aires.
Ussually professorships "Singing dramatic resources"

Artistic experience
Has received prizes and given recitals and concerts in Argentina, Colombia and United States. · From her last works as regisseuse and play writer:
-"Il Tabarro" by Puccini and ¨ The Hoffmann´ tales¨ by Offenbach in Teatro Colón ´ Salón Dorado and Teatro Presidente Alvear.
- "Der Jasager¨ by Weill-Brecht in Teatro Payró and Centro Cultural de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires.
- Founding Member of Grupo "Proba" (Pro Opera from Buenos Aires) made up of singers and regisseurs, pianists, scenographers, wardrobe and lighting designers. This grouping gave rise to important Spanish titles of chamber operatic repertoire of the twentieth century. PROBA´objetives: to bring the opera closer to audiences and to promote it in areas that were not previously accessible, to provide incentive to create Argentine and Latinamerican Operas. · - Organized the Annual Opera Series at the Teatro Payro .
- Asked by Centro de Experimentación in Opera and Ballet from Teatro Colón to premiére the argentine composer Osías Wilensky`s opera "La venganza de Carmen" . Musical direction by Gerardo Gandini.
- Wins the ACE 1992 Award gives by the ( Asociación de Cronistas del Espectáculo) for the best Music Hall Play and Performance "Arráncame la vida" (History with boleros) . Written and general direction by Betty Gambartes . This work runs from its premiére in November 1991 till nowadays.
- Premiére of two plays by the canadian composer Murray Schafer at Teatro San Martín from Buenos Aires.
- Premiére of "Cheek to cheek" (A Movie love affair). Book and general direction by Betty Gambartes in the Teatro Sheraton and Sala Pablo Neruda del Complejo La Plaza from Buenos Aires. Musical arrangments and musical direction by Diego Vila.
- Premiére of "Sin compasión" book and general direction by Betty Gambartes. Original music , arrangments and musical direction Diego Vila.
- Premiére at Teatro Fundación Astengo from Rosario the tango show "Somos Tango", written and general direction by B.G.
- Premiére of Marta Lambertini´s opera "La nariz del compositor¨ at the Centro de Experimentación in Opera and Ballet from Teatro Colón.
- O.E.A. and CIDEM (Inter American Music Council) in Washington D.C. accepted her proyect to convoke composers and writers from the Americas to create brief and low budget operas in Spanish . Under the same proyect she interviewed differents composers from Venezuela, Uruguay and Brasil in order to commision the operas.
- Premiére of Estela Ojeda and Elsa Borneman´s play "Les voy a contar"
- In november 1996 she is invited by the III Cumbre Mundial del Tango to premiére her tango musical "Qué has hecho de mi", with Diego Vila´s musical arrangments and directions.
- Premiére in november 1996 at Teatro Concert in Buenos Aires "Qué has hecho de mí" written and directed by B.G.
Premiére in 1998 at Teatro de la Comedia in Buenos Aires her musical with tango themes "Tus besos fueron míos" written and directed by B.G. with the musical direction and arrangments by Diego Vila. Declared of National Interest by the Secretaría de Cultura de la Nación and the Secretaría de Cultura del Gobierno de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires. Nominated with two ACE Award and three Florencio Sánchez Award 1998/99. This show runs until november 1999.
In noviember 1998 co-directed at Teatro Colón " From Viena to Colón Theater" two operetas "Die Fledermaus" by J. Strauss and "The merry widow" by F. Léhar.
Co-directed with Oscar Araiz the cycle "Poulenc and his friends" at Teatro Pigalle. · In april 1999 directed "La voix humane" by J.Cocteau nominated with the ACE Award 1999 and "Varieté".
During 1999 co-directed with Oscar Araiz "Las hijas de Caruso" at Teatro Liceo from Bs. As. · In August 2000 directed at Teatro "El Círculo" from Rosario, and for the Rosario Opera, "The marriage of Fígaro" by Mozart

Diego Vila

Composer - musical Director

"Conservatorio Nacional de Música Carlos Lopez Buchardo" (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
Indiana University (Bloomington, Indiana, U.S.A.).

As a pianist he obteined:
- second prize in the "Promociones Musicales de la Argentina" competition (1981). - second prize in the "Asociación Estímulo Cultural" competition (1981).
- third prize in the "Asociación ALBERTO WILLIAMS" competition (1983).
- by contest, one of the "LEONOR HIRSCH DE VON BUCH" fellowships (1985-86).
- An invitation to the "X Concurso Internacional Vianna Da Motta", made in Lisboa, Portugal, ln 1987. THEATRE AND MUSIC (As a musical conductor and as a teacher, he continually prepares singers for the stage.)

Music and Theatre
"Reina de corazones", by T. Whebe, director: Carlos Mathus (Theatron) -"Soplador de estrellas", by R. Talento (Teatro San Martín) -"Cenicienta en Elsinor", by U. Milstein (Teatro San Martín)
"Rodolfo Walsh y Gardel", by David Viñas, director: Emilio Alfaro (Fundación Banco Patricios) As author, composer, arranger and musical conductor: "Come and get it" (jazz), arranger and musical conductor (with Marcela Pietrokovsky and Claudio Hochman).
"Cheek to cheek" , co-author, arranger and musical conductor (with Betty Gambartes) (Sheraton Theatre and "Sala Pablo Neruda").
"Sin compasión", co-author, arranger, composer and musical conductor (with Betty Gambartes, Daniel Jelin, Julia Zenko, Raúl Lavié; coreog.: Oscar Aráiz) (Teatro Blanca Podestá and Teatro Regina).
"De vuelta a casa" (tangos), arranger and musical conductor (with Néstor Gabetta and tango quintet) (Club del Vino, Fundación Banco Patricios, Oliverio Always). This work ( tango y música ciudadana) was presented in the "III CUMBRE MUNDIAL DEL TANGO" in Uruguay, in 1996, and in the "Festival Internacional de Tango en Montevideo" en 1997 (Teatro Solís).
"Qué has hecho de mí", co-author, arranger and musical conductor (with Betty Gambartes, Raúl Lavié, José A. Trelles, Patricia Barone; coreog.: Ana María Stekelman). This work (music theatre with tangos ) was premiered at the Solís theatre of Montevideo, in the "III CUMBRE MUNDIAL DEL TANGO" (1996).
"Kantes i kuentos de Sefarad", co-author, arranger and musical conductor (with Marga Grajer, Doris Petroni). Supported by the "Secretaría de cultura de la A.M.I.A." and by the "CIDICSEF" of Argentina, and invited to the "V FESTIVAL DE LA CANCIÓN SEFARADÍ" made in Buenos Aires (1999).
"Certezas" - tango y música ciudadana -, arranger and musical conductor (with N. Gabetta and quintet).
"Academia de baile" - melodrama rioplatense -, composer, arranger and musical conductor (with Alberto Muñoz). Teatro Babilonia, Teatro Municipal General San Martín. This work ( music theatre with tangos) was terned for the A.C.E. awards (Asociación de Cronistas del Espectáculo) 1998/1999.
"Tus besos fueron míos", co-author, arranger and musical conductor (with Betty Gambartes; coreog.: Ana María Stekelman). This work (music theatre with tangos) was terned for the A.C.E. awards (Asociación de Cronistas del Espectáculo) 1998/1999 and for the Florencio Sánchez awards (Casa del Teatro) 1998/1999.
"El deseo en el Pavo Real", with Alberto Muñoz (poetry and music). "Beckett" theatre, 10 / 2000).
"TEN- Los Diez Mandamientos", composer, arranger and musical conductor (with Alberto Muñoz).Babilonia theatre, 12 / 2000.
"NAPOLI - Canzonette", arranger and musical conductor (with Cristina Pérsico). "Clásica y Moderna" theatre, 01 / 2001.